Call for Proposals

Princeton Precision Health Initiative announces the second call for research proposals

With the generous support of the Provost Office, we are pleased to announce our second call for research proposals. We currently have a focus in the following areas but will consider applications relevant to any interdisciplinary approaches to precision health:

  • Kidney disease and diabetes
  • Immune system and inflammation
  • Neurodevelopment and mental health
  • Technology and mental health

PI Eligibility

All Princeton faculty are invited to apply. At this time, only Princeton University affiliated researchers are eligible.  A faculty member can participate on two proposals at most. Priority will be given to those who have not previously received funding from PPH. 


Please submit your proposal by February 15, 2024. 

Review Criteria

The PPH Executive Committee will evaluate the proposals on the basis of:
●        alignment with broader PPH goals and impact on human health and policy.
●        whether the research is collaborative and interdisciplinary across Princeton University.
●        the likelihood that the proposed work will seed more expansive and impactful research projects.

Program Size

Seed grants will be reviewed based on three budgetary categories: $0-30K, $31-60K, and $61-110K.  You may apply for a grant for any amount up to $110,000.

Funding Details

The funding is flexible and does not have an end date. Grantees will be expected to present at relevant PPH events and should acknowledge funding from Princeton Precision Health at Princeton University in subsequent publications.

Apply here